Single Electric Breast Pump

Lansinoh’s light and portable Single Electric Breast Pump has been designed with your comfort in mind and has six effective suction levels that allow you to express easily.

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  • Lansinoh's Single Electric Breast Pump is BPA and BPS free
  • Lansinoh's Single Electric Breast Pump is BPA and BPS free
  • Packaging for the Breast Pump
  • Lady using a breast pump
  • Lansinoh's Single Electric Breast Pump is BPA and BPS free
  • Lansinoh's Single Electric Breast Pump is BPA and BPS free
  • Packaging for the Breast Pump
  • Lady using a breast pump
  • Catie Rayner

    4 4 4 4 4

    Brilliant pump, simple to use. It hgas been great to use to speed up night time feeds by giving my baby expressed milk, as he finds it difficult to get much milk from me due to being tongue tied. Its is easy to assemble and clean, and the silicone bit sites under my bra so I can pump hands free.

  • Juliette Fraser

    4 4 4 4 4

    Very easy to use. Extremely well fitting around the breast and comfortable. Very efficient at expressing the milk. I’ve been using mine for nearly a year now and it’s been brilliant. Would recommend.

  • Guest

    4 4 4 4 4


  • Guest

    4 4 4 4 4

    My baby stayed at the hospital for 10 days after delivery, I had to pump the milk so that she gets the nutrients she needed. The electric pump was everything I needed, a savior, a painless process.

  • Guest

    4 4 4 4 4

    I love this product, have been using a manual pump but switched to this and wish I’d done it sooner! So easy to use and takes the hassle out of expressing! Just might take a few goes to see which speed.

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  • Watch this video to find out how easy it is to use our Lansinoh Single Electric Breast Pump.

  • The Lansinoh Single Electric Breast Pump is easy to clean - watch this video to learn how.

  • Learn just how easy it is to assemble the Lansinoh Single Electric Breast Pump.

  • View our Single Electric Breast Pump in 360 degrees.

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  • Product Features:

    • BPA and BPS Free
    • ComfortFit™ soft silicone breast cushion – for a secure seal and comfortable fit resulting in more efficient pumping
    • 6 adjustable suction levels – with easy to use +/- control buttons
    • LED indicator – so you know exactly what suction and phase settings you’re on
    • 2 phase technology with let down button – ‘let down’ phase: rapid suction to stimulate and initiate milk flow; ‘expression phase’: slower, deeper suction to maximise milk flow
    • Quick and easy expression – designed to mimic baby’s natural feeding pattern for an efficient pumping experience
    • Simple to clean, assemble and use – hygienic design guaranteed against milk entering the tubing; no need to clean tubing
    • Includes NaturalWave® Teat (with cap) – helps maintain established breastfeeding patterns
    • Pump, Store, Feed – one bottle to pump, store and feed for convenience and ease (sealing disc for storage & NaturalWave® Teat included)
    • Mains or battery operated – 6 AA batteries (not included)
  • Description:

    Lansinoh’s Single Electric Breast Pump has been designed to help you express your precious breast milk both efficiently and discreetly.

    The pump is lightweight and you can either plug it into the electrical mains whilst at home, or you can insert batteries when you are on the move.

    Incorporating the very latest two-phase technology, the pump has six different suction levels that imitate your baby’s natural sucking action. The ‘let down’ phase produces a rapid suction action which stimulates milk flow, while the ‘expression’ phase has different settings enabling you to tailor the suction for your own comfort. The system also features an LED light up display, allowing you to express in low light conditions. Lansinoh guarantees that the innovative closed pump system will not let any milk enter the tubing.

    Lansinoh carried out an independent trial in which 9 out of 10 mums said the pump was comfortable, quick and easy to use as well as simple to assemble and clean.

    The Single Electric Breast Pump includes Lansinoh’s new mOmma bottle which has a wide neck that makes it compatible between all of the pumps within the range. The revolutionary NaturalWave teat is also included which is clinically proven to help maintain established breastfeeding patterns.

    see parts guide here

  • Product Details:

    • 1 x Lansinoh® Single Electric Breast Pump Base Unit
    • 1 x Tubing 800mm (#54100)
    • 1 x Pump Connector (#53453)
    • 1 x Breast Cone (standard)
    • 1 x ComfortFit™ Silicone Breast Cushion (standard)
    • 1 x Diaphragm (#53402)
    • 1 x Diaphragm Cap (#53410)
    • 1 x White Valve (1 extra) (#53401)
    • 1 x 160ml Container (#53451)
    • 1 x Container Ring and Sealing Disc (#53450)
    • 1 x AC Adapter/Power Cord
    • 1 x Bottle Holder (#53452)
    • 6 AA Batteries - not included
  • If you need help with this specific product, please click the link below:

    Contact us Download The Manual
    • What choice of settings does the Lansinoh® Single Electric Pump offer?

      The Lansinoh® Single Electric Breast Pump was designed to mimic the baby’s natural feeding pattern and includes two phases: ‘let-down’ and ‘expression’. The ‘let-down’ or ‘stimulation’ phase uses quick and short suction to initiate the milk flow, while the ‘expression’ phase maximises milk flow through longer, deeper suction. In each of the two phases, mums can also adjust the suction strength, the pump offering a choice of 6 different suction levels.
    • How can I switch between the let-down and the expression phases?

      You can easily switch between the 2 phases using the ‘phase’ toggle button. The breast pump will automatically start in the ‘let-down’ phase when you switch it on and move onto the ‘expression’ phase after 2 minutes. If you wish to go back to the ‘let-down’ phase at any point during the pumping session or if you wish to move onto the ‘expression’ phase before the 2 minutes are up, you just need to push the ‘phase’ toggle button.
    • What settings will the Single Electric Breast Pump default to?

      The ‘let-down’ phase lasts for two minutes, unless mum decides to switch to ‘expression’ phase prior to this by using the ‘phase’ toggle button. In each phase, the default suction strength is level 1. Mum can then increase the suction level up to 6 to suit her comfort.
    • Is there an ideal suction setting when using the Lansinoh® Single Electric Breast Pump?

      Because every woman is different, there is no ideal setting that would fit all mums. We recommend that you use the + and – buttons to find the most comfortable and effective suction setting in each of the two phases – ‘let-down’ and ‘expression’.
    • Are Lansinoh® Single Electric Breast Pump parts dishwasher safe? Can I use a microwave steam bag?

      Please Note: Tubing and white pump connector should never be washed or sterilised. All parts, excluding the tubing and pump connector are dishwasher safe though we highly recommend gently hand washing the white valves and diaphragms as they are delicate and can affect the performance of the pump if damaged or torn with vigorous washing or harsh detergents. All parts except for the tubing, white pump connector and breast cushions can be steam-sterilized in a microwave bag according to the manufactures directions for use. Please ensure all pump parts are completely dry prior to use as performance may be affected.
    • Can I use other pump brand replacement parts with the Lansinoh® Single Electric Breast Pump?

      The components of the Lansinoh® Single Electric Breast Pump have been specifically developed for our pump to achieve the highest levels of quality and effectiveness. We do not recommend using another pump’s replacement parts as this might impact performance. Also, using another pump’s parts with our pump would void your warranty.
    • Does the Single Electric Breast Pump work with batteries?

      Yes, you can use 6 AA batteries (not included in the pack) to power the pump, or the AC Adapter (included in the pack). We recommend using alkaline batteries only and do not recommend using rechargeable batteries. Please replace all batteries at the same time, do not mix old and new batteries. If batteries are in the pump, but your AC adaptor is in use, the pump will use the AC adaptor to power the pump.
    • Can I pump directly into the Lansinoh® Breastmilk Storage Bags?

      Unfortunately you will not be able to pump directly into the Lansinoh® Breastmilk Storage Bags because they have a double zipper closure and therefore will not fit securely on the pump.
    • Is the Lansinoh® Single Electric Breast Pump a closed system?

      Yes, all our electric pumps are a closed, hygienic system. By using a specially-designed diaphragm and diaphragm cap, the pump is guaranteed to prevent milk from backing up into the tubing and into the motor unit. This is important from a hygienic perspective (condensation and/or milk in tubing can cause mould and bacteria growth and buildup) and from a perspective of understanding how important every drop of your milk is to you and your breastfed baby.
    • What if I accidentally wash the tubing — can it still be used?

      Our closed system means that the tubing does not need to be washed because the expressed milk does not come into contact with the tubing. If you accidentally wash the tubing, you can disconnect the tubing from the diaphragm cap and run the pump for a few minutes to see if the air from the base eliminates any condensation that may be inside. If you notice any remaining condensation or anything that may be mould, you will need to discard the tubing and contact our customer service team to get new tubing.
    • How do I know when to stop expressing?

      When you are nearing the end of a pumping session, the streams of your milk will begin to slow or stop and/or your breasts will feel softer and less full. A breast is never truly “empty,” but it will be apparent with these clues that your body has released as much milk as it will at that particular session and you can stop expressing.
    • What is the warranty for the Lansinoh® Single Electric Breast Pump?

      The warranty for the Lansinoh® Single Electric Breast Pump is one year from the date of the original purchase or receipt. If you encounter any issues during this period, please contact our customer service team who will be able to help with any troubleshooting and provide spare parts.
    • Where can I get replacement parts?

      Should you require any replacement parts for any of the Lansinoh® Breast Pumps, please contact our Customer Service team at or call us at 0113 205 4201.

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